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Technology Innovation
One key to BPA’s success is making a firm connection with the business and technology challenges facing the utility industry. Technology roadmaps capture the logic and business framework for research and development. The roadmaps describe the specific BPA-related factors driving technology needs and identify the areas offering the greatest potential. A group of BPA and utility executives and experts known as the Technology Confirmation and Innovation (TCI) Council guide the development of the research portfolio.
BPA's Technology Innovation initiative has an annual cycle of portfolio funding based on strategic needs identified in the agency’s technology roadmaps and yearly focus areas. In February, all projects in the portfolio are reviewed by the TCI Council, and then in March a funding opportunity announcement is posted for new projects. The announcement is open March to May. Technical reviews of the proposals occur in May. In late June, the TCI Council selects the projects for inclusion in the following fiscal year’s portfolio. The projects in Technology Innovation’s portfolio span across various technologies, time horizons, risk/reward profiles, cost concerns, and other needs. The portfolio projects are expected to produce direct financial benefits to BPA, and through BPA, deliver value to the Pacific Northwest electric system.
FY 2015 Opportunity Announcement
BPA has issued its fiscal year 2015 Technology Innovation Funding Opportunity Announcement (BPA-0002882). Applications will only be accepted through the BPA Exchange website. (Click here to create a BPA Exchange account.) Phase one concept papers are due by 4 p.m., March 27, 2014. Those who qualify will be invited to further develop their proposals for phase two and submit them by May 1. Awardees will be notified in July. Questions should be directed to the point of contact identified in the announcement.

Note: This FOA is seeking applications from all interested parties able to provide 50 percent cost share; including corporations, nonprofits, technology developers, utilities, universities and national labs. Proposals should address any R&D program (required or existing) identified in the roadmaps and addendum provided below.

Separate announcements are also available for BPA staff to submit applications. These announcements are accessible through the BPA Exchange website.
Technology Roadmaps
BPA’s research agenda is guided by a process that identifies the agency’s immediate and future capability gaps and pinpoints technologies with the potential to resolve those business challenges. This process includes the development of technology roadmaps, which provide BPA a framework to help plan, coordinate and forecast technology developments so the agency can focus its R&D investments in areas that deliver the most value to the agency and its stakeholders.
​BPA's R&D Portfolio
BPA selected projects for fiscal year 2014 beginning Oct. 1, 2013. Technology Innovation's portfolio management program and list of projects are included below.
FY 2014 Technology Innovation Portfolio Summary (Spreadsheet) 

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