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BPA - Sponsored E Source Membership

Bonneville Power Administration continues to sponsor a membership to E Source for all of its public utility and federal (Northwest facilities) customers. You are already an E Source member; this means you already have access to valuable resources including:

  • Real-Time Responses to Your Most Pressing DSM and Technology Questions
  • Access to Peer Communities and Experts in the Field
  • A Library of Reports and Resource Guides
  • Tools That Help Your Customers Track O&M
  • Best Practices and Industry Insights from Timely Research Reports
  • DSMdat - Exclusive DSM Programs Database

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E Source Efficiency & Demand-Response Programs Service (EDRP)
E Source Technology Assessment Service (TAS)
DSMdat - Exclusive DSM Programs Database
Member Inquiries
Getting Started with E Source
Questions about E Source?

Your membership gives you access to two E Source Services:

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E Source Efficiency & Demand-Response Programs Service (EDRP)
With EDRP, you'll discover ways to make your EE and demand-response programs more effective. With E Source EDRP you can:
  • Identify attributes of successful programs and provide implementation information
  • Use innovative delivery channels to serve hard-to-reach customer groups
  • Develop the right mix of program elements to drive participation
  • Create an appropriate portfolio of programs to meet your utility's goals

E Source Technology Assessment Service (TAS)
E Source saves you time and confusion by sifting through extensive technical resources to provide objective analysis of end-use technologies. With the E Source TAS you can:
  • Identify new ways to expand your demand-side management (DSM), revenue and load-growth programs
  • Be fully prepared when your customers call asking for advice on improving their operations
  • Save time-E Source sifts through all the technical information on new technologies for you
  • Eliminate confusion about the proper application of certain technologies

DSMdat - Exclusive DSM Programs Database
With EDRP you also get DSMdat, the E Source searchable database of demand-side management (DSM) and renewable energy programs throughout the U.S. and Canada. With profiles of more than 2,500 active programs and 400 inactive programs sponsored by over 330 organizations, it provides the most user-friendly and comprehensive information available today on energy-efficiency, load management, demand-response, and customer-sited renewable generation offerings from electric and gas utilities, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

With each of these services you get several valuable features:

    Member Inquiries. Your E Source membership includes unlimited, on-demand research help for your questions about EE programs and end-use technologies. Within a few business days, E Source will respond with answers compiled from 26 years or energy research and utility contacts. Over the past year, 13 customer utilities submitted 83 Member Inquiries about programs, technologies and marketing. To submit a question, click on Member Inquiries from wherever you are on the E Source website.

    Web conference and Leader Calls. E Source web conferences give you a unique opportunity to collaborate and interact with industry experts and your peers who are also being challenged to meet rapidly growing goals for energy efficiency without having to travel to a conference, saving you time and money.

    Monthly newsletters. Each month you'll receive an insightful article that showcases the best utility programs and unravels key strategic and policy issues driving today's DSM market, along with top picks from recently released DSM resources.

    Research findings. You'll have access to our comprehensive library of research, analysis, and tools along with actionable profiles of innovative and experimental programs. This includes DSMdat, an exclusive DSM programs database of over 3,000 energy efficiency, demand response, and renewable energy programs.

Getting Started with E Source

As a BPA customer, you are already an E Source member. Follow the steps below to get access to all of your E Source products and services.

  • Step 1: Contact your Energy Efficiency Representative (EER) for your utility's unique customer "Access Code."

  • Step 2: Go to Click on "Register Now" under "LOG IN" on the right
  • .

  • Step 3: On the "Register" page, provide the information for "Your Details." Skip the next section and continue to "Optional: Enter Access Code." Enter the "Access Code" provided by your EER.

  • Step 4: Click the "Submit" button. Now you have access to all the E Source resources in the BPA membership.

  • Step 5: Click on "My E Source" where you can save your favorite reports, sign up for newsletters, and more. All of your news and research is listed here and is automatically updated when something new is published.

  • Step 6: Spread the word! Everyone in your utility can register with the same utility "Access Code." Share this guide with others and help them get the most out of their E Source membership.

Questions about E Source?

For registration assistance (including Access Codes) or other questions regarding E Source services and products, contact your EER.

New and topical E Source resources appear in the Weekly Announcements. For more information about the benefits and resources available, visit:

Download the Getting Started brochure (PDF, 53kb)

Need help finding something? Send us a message, or give us a call at 800-622-4519.
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