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IS 2.0 Updates

With the coming release of an Interim Reporting System and the close of the fiscal year, BPA will need to provide you critical, time sensitive information. We will be providing this information in the form of updates distributed by the EERs via email. Each update is numbered and will be posted to this page after distribution.

Update #1 Timeline for IS 2.0 release Released 09/24/2012

Update #2 Draft Release Options 1 and 2 Custom Project Calculators and Deemed Measure
Upload Template
Released 9/28/2012

Update #3 Schedule for IS 2.0 Transitional Released 10/03/2012

Update #4 Launch of User Acceptance Testing Released 11/09/2012

Update #5 Launch Timeline Released 12/06/2012

Update #6 Detailed Data Migration Plan Released 12/06/2012

Update #7 Release of final Reporting Spreadsheets Released 12/06/2012

Update #8 Summarizer and Instructional Video Release Released 12/17/2012

Update #9 Update on the Detailed Data Migration Process Released 01/17/2013

Update #10 Details on BPA’s Reconciliation Process Released 02/13/2013

Update #11, IS 1.0 Shuts down on March 15th Released 03/15/13

Update #12 Transactions following reconciliation Released 03/13/2013

Update #13 Long Term Reporting System Status Update Released 06/03/2013

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