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Data Aggregation and Analysis of 2010-2012 Regional Efficiency Achievements

The goal of Six Going on Seven is to collect regional savings achievements from 2010-2012 to facilitate discussion during the development of the Council's 7th Power Plan. Over the past few months, BPA has collected and analyzed this regional data and we are now excited to share the results of this effort with the region.

This summary provides an overview of the Six Going on Seven project and its deliverables.
One Page Overview

This document provides a review of the supporting documentation created during the 6th Power Plan development process and summarize key topics that were discussed.
Literature Review

This presentation was given to the Northwest Power and Conservation Council's Conservation Resources Advisory Committee (CRAC) on Nov. 21, 2013 to detail the results of Six Going on Seven thus far.
Conservation Resources Advisory Committee Presentation

This document provides a high level visual summary of the results of Six Going on Seven thus far.

This zipped folder will allow you download and use the MS Access Data base and MS Excel workbook that contain the data from the Six Going On Seven project. Please note, you will have to download and save this folder in its entirety for the excel connection to the database to function properly.
Final Database and Workbook

This database dictionary provides a brief explanation of measure naming schemes and mapping used to align the Northwest Power and Conservation Council's (the Council's) 6th Power Plan and utility data, an overview of the Microsoft Access database structure and descriptions of the main queries included in the database.
Database Dictionary

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