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BPA and the Sixth Power Plan

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council (the Council) adopted the Sixth Power Plan in February 2010. Many of the changes associated with the Sixth plan have implications for energy efficiency program offerings. Because energy efficiency targets in the Sixth Power Plan more than doubled from those called for in the Fifth Power Plan, BPA is working with utilities and regional stakeholders to minimize operational disruption related to the transition between plans.

Demand Side Management (DSM) supply curves from the Council suggest that certain measures that were previously not considered cost-effective may now pass total resource cost tests. This will have the effect of expanding the number of qualifying measures that BPA will need to consider for utility reimbursement. The Sixth plan excludes some current measures, such as lower-efficiency appliance measures, which may impact some current BPA reimbursement levels in multiple sectors. And several technologies that included in the plan will require research prior to approval by the Regional Technical Forum (RTF).
Northwest Power and Conservation Council
Regional Technical Forum

Changes to the Planning, Tracking and Reporting (PTR) system

BBecause the RTF, not BPA, determines the final measure set included in the PTR, the following tentative schedule following adoption of the plan is provided, with the understanding that dates may change.

For current measures in the PTR system:

For new measures included in the Sixth Power Plan:

For more information on the RTF process, see the RTF Charter.

What BPA is pursuing to achieve increased targets

BPA program marketing and program staff are actively pursuing new strategies to help achieve energy efficiency targets. See what each sector is planning:

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