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Energy Web / GridwiseTM

Energy Web:A New Kind of Network There's a transformation underway that is effecting the current electric industry structure. The nation's electric system will be transformed—from central generation down to customer appliances and equipment—into a collaborative network filled with information and abundant market-based opportunities. Traditional elements of supply and demand, transmission and distribution will be woven together with new distributed "plug-and-play" technologies using advanced telecommunications,
information and control approaches to create a "society" of devices that functions as an integrated, transactive system.

As an Alliance member, BPA is proud to endorse the Gridwise Vision as we move U.S. electric system into the information age.


Gridwise: Rethinking Energy from Generation to Consumption

Non-Wires Solution

Non-Wires Solution Before proceeding with the construction of transmission projects, BPA wants to ensure it is providing the most cost-effective solution to the region's transmission problems from an engineering, economic and environmental standpoint.

To further these efforts, BPA has created a new Non-Wires round table of 18
Northwest leaders to work with the agency on alternatives to building lines and other facilities where transmission system improvements are needed. The roundtable will help TBL determine whether non-transmission options can be employed as viable alternatives to transmission expansion. Non-transmission solutions may include pricing strategies, demand reducing strategies, and strategic placement of generators.


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