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Bonneville Power Program Marketing Weekly Announcements

Week of August 21, 2014


Brown Bag: Appliance Standards Savings Results: 900 aMW of Energy Efficiency -
What's black and white and read all over? That’s right: Appliance and Equipment Standards! Join us September 4 at 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. to learn about BPA’s recent project to quantify the regional impacts of 30 federal standards. Appliance standards are an amazing power resource—this project alone counted over 900 aMW of first-year savings by 2034 for the Northwest (you read that right—900 aMW!). We will also be joined by Northwest Power and Conservation Council staff to discuss what these findings mean for regional planning... More

Save the Date: BPA Utility Round Tables-
The recent Efficiency Exchange offered an excellent opportunity to interact in person, but smaller regional gatherings provide a unique chance to discuss more localized issues. To help bolster this effort BPA is organizing a series of regional utility round tables to be conducted in the later summer and early fall in five different Northwest regions. Each meeting will feature informative presentations and provide an open forum for discussions on program development... More


Learn even more about Non-Programmatic Savings and join in the contest and discussion -
Conduit is ablaze with buzz about Non-Programmatic Savings. We're having a lively discussion and many people have suggested new names. Be heard by joining the conversation, watching an interview with Carrie Cobb and learning more about how important these savings are to the Northwest. And don't miss your opportunity to win a Conduit café mug! Click here to join one of Conduit's most exciting conversations!

Program updates

Residential Program Matrix on Conduit - Opportunity to Add Information About Your Utility -
This matrix was created by NEEA staff a result of a conversation at Residential Advisory Committee where utility members felt it would be valuable to capture information about what programs they all offer in one location. All utilities are invited to enter their programs offerings and incentives and see the offerings and incentives of other utilities inthe region here:


Residential Advanced Power Strips may be Distributed Over the Counter -
Several customers have indicated that they would like to distribute residential Advanced Power Strips "over the counter". Over the Counter is inclusive of direct distribution at an event, at a utility office, or left at a customer's house at their request. To accommodate these requests, BPA will allow residential APS to be distributed Over-the-Counter, as long as the Advanced Power Strips are provided at the end-user's request for the purpose of controlling a Home Entertainment Center. Please note customer request does not have to be un-prompted. You may ask customers questions like "Would you like to try an Advanced Power Strip to make your Home Entertainment Center more energy efficient?"

These should be claimed using the Mail by Request RefNo RELPL11973. For details on documentation requirements please see page 99 of the Implementation Manual. This decision is retroactive to when residential Advanced Power Strips became available in the IM on October 1, 2013.

BPA is providing complimentary passes to the E Source Forum -
E Source will be hosting its annual E Source Forum on September 29 - October 2, 2014 in Denver Colorado. The Forum brings together more than 400 representatives from utilities and other energy service providers as well as government representatives and others involved in improving and redefining how energy is delivered, purchased, and used. More information can be found here.

As part of our current E Source membership BPA's customers will be able to register online for the Forum via the E Source Forum link. In order to register you will need an active E Source User ID and password to register. If you don’t have, or have forgotten your user name and password, please contact your EER for assistance. If you have questions or have problems registering for the Forum you can also contact Jessica Rife at E Source at or at 303-345-9197.

Residential Weatherization Sub-regional Meetings -
The Residential team is holding a series of half-day meetings around the region to discuss changes to BPA's Weatherization program offerings. Topics will include the updated weatherization specifications, new measures and program strategies, and materials and resources that are available to support utility weatherization programs... More

GE GeoSpring 50-gallon HPWH Kicks Off Promotion with Sears, Lowe's, Ferguson and Independents -
The GE GeoSpring 50-gallon HPWH promotion has begun!... More

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