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Bonneville Power Program Marketing Weekly Announcements

Week of July 31, 2014


Brown Bag: Definition of Electrically Heated Homes -
Join us on Thurs., Aug. 7 for a presentation that will discuss the new definition of electrical heat, which will go into effect October 1st, 2014. The definition is used to qualify homes for residential energy efficiency programs. The new definition expands on the existing one to include homes that are likely to be electrically heated in the future and certain homes that are heated by a non-permanent electric heat source. The brownbag will cover each of the new qualifying scenarios in detail and discuss the reasoning that led to this decision… More

Brown Bag: E Source Webinar on Big Data and the Utility Industry -
As part of our membership to E Source BPA is providing an informative webinar to our customers hosted by that organization. The era of Big Data has arrived and some utilities are stepping up to embrace it. The intersection of inexpensive computing power and robust data-analysis techniques is encouraging the development of new tools that will help utilities improve the cost-effectiveness of their programs. Learn how some utilities are creating portfolio-scale building energy modeling tools to better focus their incentive program marketing efforts and automating utility energy design assistance programs in response to decreasing margins... More

Residential Weatherization Sub-regional Meetings -
The Residential team is holding a series of half-day meetings around the region to discuss changes to BPA’s Weatherization program offerings. Topics will include the updated weatherization specifications, new measures and program strategies, and materials and resources that are available to support utility weatherization programs... More


Introducing new Measure List 2.7.2 -
The Deemed Measure Reference List has been updated. After discovering some inconsistencies and omissions within the version released in May 2014, we have corrected the following measures. Please use this version moving forward.

Low Income Manufactured Home Insulated Door Measures

These were inadvertently omitted from the Measure List.

  • LHVEN12039
  • LHVEN12040
  • LHVEN12041
Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater Measures

The vintage field was changed from ‘Existing’ to 'New or Existing.'
  • CWHWH20429
  • CWHWH20430


Northwest Trade Ally Network is now offering expanded Comprehensive Field Services! -
The BPA Lighting Team is pleased to announce the expanded services of the Northwest Trade Ally Network (NWTAN), available now to public utilities by request. The NWTAN is now available to provide 'Comprehensive Field Services' for projects estimated to save more than 200,000 kWh. These services already exist for industrial lighting projects and now are available to all non-residential lighting projects meeting the 200,000 kWh threshold.

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