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Agriculture sector and the Sixth Power Plan

The agricultural sector team will continue to develop the federal irrigation district participation along with modifications to existing projects and programs including:

Scientific Irrigation Scheduling (SIS)/Scientific Irrigation Scheduling Light (SISL)

BPA Energy Efficiency will begin exploring the feasibility of supporting SIS in a more streamlined manner that will better coordinate with the current two-year rate periods. SISL is undergoing evaluation for scope and effectiveness during the next two years.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

The majority of the custom proposals currently being submitted to the Technical Service Proposal are VFDs. As a result, the BPA agricultural sector team will explore VFDs with the Regional Technical Forum (RTF).


The agricultural sector team will work closely with program marketing to inform utility customers on dairy energy efficiency incentives for utility end-use customers in response to the pre-draft supply curves.

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