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Energy Efficiency Commercial New Contruction

Commercial new construction projects may be eligible to receive reimbursements through BPA's Energy Smart Design Office incentive package, or through the Custom project process. Read on to determine what types of projects are eligible.

 Energy Smart Design Office

Energy Smart Design Office reimbursements are available for commercial office new construction and major renovation that follows the specifications for the Energy Smart Design offering. Offices, banks, libraries, and medical office buildings may all be eligible for the offering. Note that the Energy Smart Design offering will no longer be available after September 30, 2013.

Energy Smart Design Office Documentation Checklists:
 New Construction Custom Projects

Most new construction projects qualify as custom projects. These projects may range from a large hospital major renovation to a new community building. Reimbursements may be available for up to 70% of the project's incremental cost. Consult the EE Implementation Manual for requirements and reimbursement levels.

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