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Energy Efficiency Commercial Sector 
BPA's commercial sector offers a wide range of programs and measure opportunities to help customer utilities serve their commercial customers and meet their conservation targets. The commercial sector includes robust programs in lighting and refrigeration, deemed measures in HVAC, envelope, plug load, and commercial kitchen equipment, and custom project opportunities for retrofit and new construction. Below are the highlights of commercial program offerings. Visit the EE Implementation Manual for full measure details.
Implementation Manual Commercial Measures Brochure
Commercial Lighting

For several years, BPA has managed a large efficiency program in Commercial and Industrial Lighting. In 2011, customer utilities successfully achieved more than 13 aMW in energy savings. BPA continues to invest in improving the lighting program as a critical component to achieving regional conservation targets. BPA also sponsors the Northwest Trade Ally Network for Commercial and Industrial Lighting (NW TAN), a regional resource providing free training and support to facilitate utilities and contractors working together to deliver lighting efficiency projects. Ongoing sector improvements in commercial sector team includes a redesign of the lighting calculator spreadsheet, the addition of new measures, and an expansion of the free support services provided by the NW TAN.

 Grocery Refrigeration
Commercial Refrigeration

Grocery refrigeration accounts for 12 percent of the commercial sector savings potential identified in the Sixth Power Plan. BPA targets commercial refrigeration conservation potential by sponsoring the BPA EnergySmart Grocer program for its customer utilities. Delivered by program partner Portland Energy Conservation Inc., the program offers more than 88 measures in 16 measure categories to grocers and others with commercial refrigeration load in participating utility territories and has saved more than 17.5 average megawatts region-wide since its launch.

Commercial HVAC

Efficient HVAC technologies identified in the 6th Power Plan are still the single largest relatively untapped source of savings in the commercial sector. Highly variable savings profiles across diverse building types and uses characterize commercial HVAC measures, many of which have historically only been available as custom projects. Recognizing the critical role of these measures in achieving regional efficiency targets, BPA has been adding measures and working on improving processes and program offerings that will support utilities in capturing higher volumes of HVAC savings.

 Commercial Shell Measures
Commercial Shell Measures

BPA is working to develop a more robust commercial shell measure offering. Currently BPA offers reimbursement for one new BPA Qualified measure for small commercial window retrofits. BPA is working on improved program structures that will support utilities in capturing commercial building shell opportunities.

 Commercial Kitchen
Commercial Kitchen

As of Oct. 1st, 2009, BPA offers incentive reimbursements to customer utilities for installation of an expanded suite of high efficiency kitchen and food service measures to commercial customers in their territories. Measures include refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, steamers, hot food holding cabinets, electric fryers, electric convection ovens, electric combination ovens, dishwashers, and pre-rinse spray wash valves.

 Plug Load
Commercial Plug Load

BPA targets office plug loads with two measures designed to reduce usage from idle electrical equipment. Smart Power Strips monitor and actively manage plug load usage from connected electrical equipment, turning off devices that are not in use. Networked computer power management gives IT administrators the ability to centrally control the power management settings of networked workstations, activating a workstation's power-energy savings mode when not in use.

 Commercial New Construction and Building Design
Commercial New Construction and Building Design

BPA supports energy efficient new construction through custom projects and the Energy Smart Design® Office prescriptive incentive offering. Small offices are eligible for Energy Smart Design®; Office while all other new construction projects are better served through the custom project route.

 Commercial Custom Projects
Commercial Custom Projects

Commercial Custom projects include all projects for which a deemed measure is not available. Custom projects cover a range of opportunities, from construction of a new 100,000 square foot medical center to an HVAC retrofit on the local school. BPA provides reimbursements for verified energy savings, potentially up to 70% of incremental project costs.


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