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Energy Efficiency Commercial & Industrial Lighting
 Commercial & Industrial Lighting Efficiency Program

The Commercial & Industrial Lighting Program offers exciting opportunities for utilities and end-users to improve their energy efficiency, to experience cost savings, and reach their conservation goals.

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 Implementation Manual

April 2014 Implementation Manual

The April 2014 Implementation Manual will provide new opportunities to help support utilities achieving cost effective energy savings. With the most recent version of the Lighting Calculator, version 3.2, BPA has added several new measures for LED products

 The T8 Lighting Project

Converting commercial and industrial spaces to energy efficient lighting remains one of the most cost effective areas in conservation. Incentives for high performance linear fluorescent will continue to be offered to promote cost saving energy efficiency. The BPA Program Marketing team developed a suite of marketing tools to help utilities reach commercial end users - The T8 Lighting Project.

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 Lighting Calculator

Lighting Calculator 3.2
The newest version of the Lighting Calculator, version 3.2, is now available. This version includes the latest updates to reimbursement levels from the Implementation Manual as well as a new simplified user interface and options for utilities and trade allies. Projects submitted on Lighting Calculator 2.3 will no longer be accepted. Please Note: To correctly save the lighting calculator and ensure it continues to function properly follow these steps: 1. Save As, and name the file. 2. Save and Close to exit the program.

Lighting Calculator Tutorials &Trainings

Lighting Calculator Training Videos are now available. These video tutorials will walk you through customization and reviewing and submitting the Lighting Calculator.

Training Date/Time
Trade Ally Training Webinar November 7th 2013 12:00-1:00
Utility Training Brownbag Webinar November 13th 2013 12:00-1:00

Additional trainings will be posted as they become available.

 Lighting Resources

 Energy Efficient Lighting Research

Solid State Lighting (SSL)
Solid State Lighting, also known as LED Lighting, is improving rapidly in terms of performance, cost and energy savings. BPA's SSL research includes case studies at more than a dozen sites in the Pacific Northwest, guidelines for LED retrofits of fluorescent ceiling troffers, and a test facility for outdoor lighting.

Advanced Lighting Controls (ALC)
Lighting controls can save energy by dimming or turning off lights when the lights are not needed. "Advanced" lighting controls use wired or wireless networks to combine multiple control functions such as occupancy sensing, high end tuning, daylight harvesting, etc. ALC can help save 50% to 80% of the energy for lighting a commercial or industrial space. BPA's ALC research includes an integrated sensor that won a 2013 R&D 100 Award, and free open source software to model daylighting accurately and easily

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