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Consumer Electronics

Television use in the Northwest consumes nearly 3.7 billion kilowatt hours of energy each year, according to estimates from the Northwest Power and Conservation Council. Technology is now available to reduce TV electricity consumption by 30 to 50%, which makes efficiency improvements in televisions among the largest single sources of conservation potential in the region.

To build awareness and drive consumers to super energy-efficiency televisions, BPA supports the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’ (NEEA) SAVE MORE consumer electronics initiative. NEEA has partnered with retailers —including Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Costco, Sears, Sam’s Club, Vann's and Kmart — on this effort.

A SAVE MORE label is affixed to energy-efficient televisions in stores, identify models that consume less electricity and meet and exceed stringent ENERGY STAR® specifications. Utilities that fund NEEA directly are represented on in-store point-of-sale displays with their logos next to the ENERGY STAR logo, and receive market transformation savings as reported by NEEA for direct contributors.

Other BPA customer utilities are represented with language stating that the program is "Co-sponsored by your local public utility and the Bonneville Power Administration.” Savings are reported to BPA by NEEA as part of the public share of NEEA market transformation savings.

All BPA customer utilities are invited to contact their Energy Efficiency Representative to submit partnership opportunities with local consumer electronic retailers (large and small) to NEEA.

For more information about the NEEA Consumer Electronics initiative, please contact Mardi Cino, NEEA Consumer Products Manager, at 503-827-8416 ext.266.

NEEA Consumer Electronics Initiative
Northwest SAVE MORE Consumer Electronics fact sheet (PDF, 41kb)

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