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East/Central Washington, Oregon and California (WA, OR, CA)

BPA developed a region-wide, segmented view of retail utility customers. The goal of the BPA residential segmentation research is to provide the BPA customer utilities localized information about their residential customers. This information will assist East/Central WA, OR and CA utilities in:

  • Developing new residential energy efficiency programs and services
  • Improving the design of existing programs
  • Developing more, informed marketing strategies
  • Improving targeted customer communications

This segmentation research conducted for East/Central WA, OR and CA is unique and directly applicable to the effectively targeting the end customer for utilities in this area. It provides insight into how to best design, implement and market energy efficiency to your utility customers. It also creates an opportunity to benefit from the marketing efforts of BPA throughout East/Central WA, OR and CA and the opportunity to share in marketing efforts with other utilities. The objective is greater energy savings through greater participation in energy efficiency programs by utility customers.

Interesting data, what are the next steps?

  • Read the East/Central WA, OR and CA Overview and Personalizations Reports.
  • Identify and prioritize the best customer target segments for your utility in respect to energy efficiency program marketing. Some of that work has already been done for you in the reports.
  • Determine the most desirable customer segments that can be uniquely targeted, as well as those you can reach a more general approach. When we understand the types of messages and channels that will work best to reach these customer, we can communicate more effectively (please see the East/Central WA, OR and CA Personalizations Report for more detail information).
  • Identify energy efficiency programs that can be modified or created to make the programs more attractive to the targeted customer segments.

Regional Segmentation Information

View the reports for the East/Central Washington, Oregon and California sub-region:

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