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BPA Energy Efficiency Plan

The Bonneville Power Administration is a leader in promoting energy efficiency in the Pacific Northwest. Since the early 1980s, BPA and its regional wholesale power customers have saved over 1,000 average megawatts (aMW) of electricity through energy efficiency and conservation. From 2005 to 2009, savings from BPA's program initiatives reached 310 aMW.

Today, the challenge for BPA and its customers is to meet the aggressive energy efficiency targets found in the Northwest Power and Conservation Council's Sixth Power Plan. The Sixth power plan, adopted in February 2010, calls for the region to acquire 1,200 aMW of efficiency between 2010 and 2014. Public power's share of that target is 504 aMW, a significant increase over past targets and much higher than the savings achieved before in a five-year period.

The ambitious target in the Council's plan means BPA and its customers need to identify and develop new ways to acquire energy efficiency which we have outlined in an Energy Efficiency Action Plan. The original 2010 Action Plan entailed a review of BPA’s existing energy efficiency programs to project their savings potential over five years. BPA also developed a strategy to achieve savings that are unlikely to occur through status quo programs: expand existing opportunities; introduce new opportunities; and assess the savings potential of new and emerging technologies.

Several changes since the development of the 2010 EE Action Plan have resulted in updates to the expected savings, costs and source of acquisition for Energy Efficiency. The achievement of more savings in 2010 and 2011 than anticipated, along with lower than expected acquisition costs, has resulted in reduced savings needed to be achieved to meet the 5-year Council target in 2012-2014. BPA will continue to offer a robust set of energy efficiency programs and measures. While the Plan includes individual sector goals, it is important to note that these projections are planning estimates, and that EE is focused most on meeting the overall portfolio target in total.

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