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Energy Efficiency Post-2011 Phase 1


On January 12, 2011, a cover letter from Energy Efficiency VP, Mike Weedall, was issued to announce the release of the "Energy Efficiency Post-2011 Implementation Proposal" and the opening of the Phase 2 public comment period. All BPA customers and regional stakeholders were encouraged to submit comments on the Implementation Proposal by February 14, 2011. Submitted comments are available.

On March 31, 2011, Energy Efficiency VP, Mike Weedall, issued a cover letter to announce the conclusion of the Energy Efficiency Post-2011 Public Process. Accompanying the cover letter were three documents, which together mark the closeout of Phase 2 of the public process: 1) the Phase 2 "Response to Public Comment"; 2) the "Energy Efficiency Post-2011 Implementation Program"; and, 3) a redlined version of the "Implementation Proposal." As of April 1, 2011, the "Implementation Manual" will be updated giving six months of notice before the program details contained in the "Implementation Program" take effect on October 1, 2011. BPA appreciates the time and work that many customers and stakeholders devoted to the Post-2011 Public Process.

As a result of the Long-Term Regional Dialogue process and the resulting power sales contracts, we decided to review the existing BPA energy efficiency framework. Past and current programs have been a successful partnership between BPA and its public utility customers with achievements of over 1,100 aMW of conservation since the passage of the 1980 Northwest Power Act. Moving forward, there is a significant amount of cost-effective energy efficiency still available in the region. Phase 1 of the Energy Efficiency Post-2011 public process set out to create a framework that will facilitate the continued success of energy efficiency development and acquisition in the Northwest at the lowest cost to the region. Throughout Phase 1, there was a robust and collaborative dialogue to seek an understanding of the needs and constraints for the framework moving forward. The outcome of Phase 1 was the Energy Efficiency Post-2011 Proposal - Public Comment Draft . Public comments were received and have contributed to the updated Energy Efficiency Post-2011 Policy Framework. A Response to Public Comments has been written to demonstrate BPA's consideration of stakeholder input.

Phase 1 Materials

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