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Workgroup 2: Small/Rural/Residential Focus (SRR)

Many customers have stated that there are unique challenges to implement energy efficiency in small, rural and primarily residential (SRR) utility service territories. BPA recognizes that this may be the case and is committed to looking at potential solutions to assist implementation. This workgroup will focus on those specific implementation hurdles and attempt to create solutions to the identified issues. Overcoming some of these issues will be crucial to assisting smaller customers in effectively using their EEI funding. BPA expects to do this in coordination with work that is also being done by the Regional Technical Forum (RTF) and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA). This workgroup could also help inform how issues in other workgroups are discussed or it could ask the other workgroups to think about topics from a SRR perspective.

Co-Chairs: Boyd Wilson (BPA) and Eugene Rosolie (PNGC Power).

Participants and stakeholders may submit documents, discussion comments, questions, etc., to the workgroup email address:

Workgroup 2 Materials


Workgroup 2 Issues

The following questions help lay the groundwork for the workgroup:
  • Can cost effectiveness be measured on a utility program basis rather than measure?
  • Should BPA have a higher willingness to pay (WTP) or have a SRR premium above its WTP?
  • Can processes be more streamlined for smaller customers?
  • How is SRR defined? Is it based on size of load, number of customers, etc?
  • Should there be an SRR pool? Should it be voluntary? Can SRR utilities use EEI for infrastructure support?

  • Phase 2 Overview

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