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Workgroup 3: Conservation Potential Assessments (CPA)

There is widespread support for BPA assisting with developing tools and potentially standards for conservation potential assessments (CPAs). The extent and exactly what role BPA should play is still a very open question. In addition, there are a number of drivers for why customers would like to proceed with CPAs. The focus of this workgroup will be to elicit clearly what it is that customers want to get from CPAs. Then shift to what role BPA can/should play in getting the region and public power to that goal. This workgroup should also help define what the conservation plan that is required of some customers in the Regional Dialogue contracts should entail.

Co-Chairs: Andrew Miller (BPA) and Jill Steiner (Snohomish PUD).

Participants and stakeholders may submit documents, discussion comments, questions, etc., to the workgroup email address:

Workgroup 3 Materials


Workgroup 3 Issues

The following questions help lay the groundwork for the workgroup:
  • Recommend how CPAs might be used by BPA and how broadly it is expected they will be done.
    • Is there a size threshold where it is expected a utility will conduct a CPA?
    • Or are there different levels of CPAs depending on size?
  • What role do customers want BPA to play in assisting with CPAs?
  • Should BPA help develop tools for utilities to use to get a rough estimate of potential?
  • What is BPA’s role in collecting data as inputs to CPAs?
  • What should be BPA’s role, if any, in developing standards and methodology?
  • What are some of the key timelines that must be met to make the CPAs most useful?
  • Who should pay for the CPAs and/or other services?

    Phase 2 Overview

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