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Workgroup 5: Regional Programs & Infrastructure (RPI)

This workgroup will cover a number of critical issues related to reporting, regional programs and infrastructure as well as how BPA and its customers can most effectively interact with the Regional Technical Forum (RTF).

Co-Chairs: Curt Nichols (BPA) and Wade Carey (Central Lincoln PUD).

Participants and stakeholders may submit documents, discussion comments, questions, etc., to the workgroup email address:

Workgroup 5 Materials


Workgroup 5 Issues

The following questions help lay the groundwork for the workgroup:
  • What will the reporting timing look like moving forward (bi-annual or quarterly)?
    • How will this dovetail with oversight timing?
  • Should moving to a program level measure of cost-effectiveness be considered? If so:
    • Are there fewer touch points between BPA and the customer utility? (A utility that has been using a non-standard agreement for a number of years could discuss how its agreement works today to help inform the discussion.)
    • Is it the BPA or utility program?
    • Is it a program level or a portfolio level?
    • How often should the cost-effectiveness level be reviewed?
  • Can a template be developed for allowing utility specific custom programs?
    • There will likely need to be two paths created. One for site specific M&V programs and another for programs with evaluated savings. Can this work be moved to a separate process?
  • Does the current 6-month negative change notice work as effectively as possible?
    • Are there improvements that would help customers more than just the time allowance?
    • Should BPA update measures more frequently than every six months?
  • Regional programs:
    • What types of programs provide regional economies of scale most effectively?
    • What level of flexibility at the local level can be provided for regional 3rd party programs while still allowing for the most efficient and effective regional uptake?
    • How can 3rd party programs be collaboratively identified?
    • How can regional acquisition costs be kept as low as possible while still making sure that ‘deeper’ and potentially more expensive savings are still captured?
    • How can various utility ‘best practices’ be most effectively shared with others?
    • How can clear metrics be developed to assess performance of both regional and local programs and identify the need for program enhancements?
    • How can input for regional infrastructure spending be provided most effectively to BPA?
  • How can BPA and its customers best utilize the RTF?

    Phase 2 Overview

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