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Bonneville Dam and Hatchery Site Tour Registration

Register for site tours at the Bonneville Dam/Visitor Center and Fish Hatchery Site. By filling out the information sheet and checking the box below, BPA will prepare the Federal Facility for your visit or call you back to make other arrangements.

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Session: I will attend the tour on Thursday July 21st, 2:00 PM
I will attend the tour Monday, July 25th, 10:00 AM
I can not attend on these days - please call me.

AGENDA for the Thursday Site Tour:
2:00-4:00 Walk-through Fish Hatchery & Dam
4:00-4:30 Q&A

AGENDA for the Monday Site Tour:
10:00-11:00 Welcome and description of projects (Project Office)
11:00-12:00 Walk-through of Bonneville Fish Hatchery
12:00-1:00 Break for lunch
1:00-2:30 Walk-through of Bonneville Dam and North-side Visitor Center
2:30-3:00 Wrap up and final questions and clarifications (Project Office)

Directions for Scheduled Tours:
Driving directions from Portland, Oregon are:
Drive approximately 40 miles East on I-84.
Take the Bonneville Dam Exit off of I-84.
Follow the signs for the "Bonneville Dam".
Park in the First Parking lot on the left Meeting will be in the Auditorium.

The meeting room is inside the Project Office.

Bonneville Dam

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