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Multi-Sector and Other Evaluations

Baseline Savings 2010 - 2012 (1/14)

Impact Evaluation Plan for the Site-Specific Savings Portfolio. SBW Consulting (12/13)

Residential and Commercial Market Opportunities Final Report (11/13)

Strategic Recommendations to Improve Energy Efficiency in Manufactured Housing, Washington State University (1/12)

Methodology for Quantifying the Energy Impacts of Building Codes and Appliance/Equipment Standards in the Northwest (9/11)

Framework to Guide Custom Project Evaluation (5/11)

Methodology for Quantifying Market-Induced, Non-Programmatic Savings (4/11)

Update of BPA's Measurement and Verification Protocols

White Paper: Lessons Learned After 30 Years of Process Evaluation

Process Evaluation: 2005 Conservation Augmentation: Prepared by research/into/action for: BPA (6/05)

Process Evaluation: 1995 Customer Satisfaction Survey: Prepared by Market Advantage for: BPA (10/95)

Process Evaluation of RSEP: The Resource Supply Expansion Program. J. Oates, BPA (2/95)

Process Evaluation of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska Regional Biomass Energy Program. C. Robert Wilson and Marilyn A. Brown. ORNL (10/93)

Evaluation of Bonneville's Strategic Planning Models. J. Litchfield. Litchfield Consulting Group. (8/92)

Resource Acquisition by BPA: An Assessment of Current Experience. J. Peters, M. McRae, P. Seratt, Barakat & Chamberlin, Inc. (5/92)

Comparative Process Evaluation of Five Research and Demonstration Projects. J. Peters and P. Seratt, Barakat and Chamberlin. (2/92)

Evaluation of Resource Acquisition Approaches. Maura O'Neill & Company. (9/91)

Evaluation of the Development of the 1990 Resource Program. J. Jennings and D. Barry. ERCE, Inc. ERCE/DSM-69. (4/91)

Process Evaluation of the Conservation Transfers Pilot Program. K. Lorberau, M. King, Synergic Resources Corporation. (6/90).

Process Evaluation of the Communication of Conservation and Consumer Marketing Programs. Maura O'Neill and Company. (8/89)

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