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Publications Resulting From BPA Evaluation Efforts

Impact Evaluations of Industrial Energy Conservation Projects in the Pacific Northwest. Gary E. Spanner, Daryl R. Brown and Gregory P. Sullivan, Pacific Northwest Laboratory, and Sheila Riewer, Bonneville Power Administration. Energy Engineers. 1993.

Measurement of Energy Savings from Demand-Side Management Programs in US Electric Utilities. Margaret F. Fels, Center for Energy and Environmental studies, Princeton University, and Kenneth M. Keating, Bonneville Power Administration, Annual Review Energy Environment. 18:57-88. 1993.

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Evaluating Commercial Conservation Programs: A Difficult Business. K. Keating and T. Oliver, Bonneville Power Administration. (Under Review).

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Integration of Process Evaluation and Program Design. P. Evans, BPA and J. Peters, ERC International. Fourth International Evaluation Conference, Chicago, IL. (8/89)

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Measuring the Effects of Utility Conservation Programs. Eric Hirst. Public Utilities Fortnightly, (12/17/81)

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