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Energy Efficiency Residential Sector 

Updates and News

  • In 2012 BPA and Northwest Energy Works (NEW) collaborated to develop a new specification for High Performance Manufactured Homes. In 2013, BPA and NEW will work with Northwest manufactured home factories to help them begin producing homes to this specification.
  • Effective April 1, 2013 new measures and a NW ENERGY STAR Multifamily Construction specification was updated with a corresponding Building Option Packages (NWBOP1 MF and NWBOP2 MF) for electric heat pumps, electric zonal and gas HVAC systems.


Benefits of Efficient New Construction

ENERGY STAR certified new single family and multifamily homes are designed and built to standards as much as 15 percent more energy efficient than typical new homes built in the market today. A new home earning the ENERGY STAR label has been inspected, tested and verified to meet strict requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Homes built to ENERGY STAR standards deliver better quality, better comfort, and better durability.

The ENERGY STAR label is also available to newly built manufactured homes. Verified through the Northwest Energy Efficient Manufactured Homes program (NEEM), ENERGY STAR labeled manufactured homes  are built to save 15 percent on heating bills, compared to manufactured homes built to federal standards.

Benefits for ENERGY STAR certified new homes:

  • Perform better than standard code-built homes and require less energy for heating and cooling
  • Improve comfort with tightly-sealed ductwork, ENERGY STAR windows and properly installed insulation
  • Improve indoor air quality from properly-sealed ducts and intentional ventilation to provide clean supply air instead of unintentional supply air from the attic, basement/crawlspace or garage


How BPA Supports Energy Efficient New Construction

BPA supports energy efficient new homes in different shapes and sizes from manufactured homes to site-built, single family homes to multifamily construction. BPA leverages support funded by NEEA through the Northwest ENERGY STAR homes program:

Program Tools and Resources


For more information please contact Mark Johnson, New Homes Program Manager at or your Energy Efficiency Representative.


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