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Residential Weatherization


Weatherization Program Updates and News

In August 2011, the Regional Technical Forum (RTF) approved an updated Residential Weatherization Specification to replace the version last updated by the RTF in 2006.

During 2012, the BPA Residential team held six sub-regional meetings to gather input from public utilities on issues, solutions and needs for implementing a new Residential Weatherization specification. Input gathered from these six meetings is summarized in the Weatherization Full Regional Notes Summary.

In 2013 BPA developed updated BPA Residential Weatherization Program Requirements, reflecting feedback gathered from our utilities. We removed non-energy requirements, references to code (where appropriate), and improved organization of the document. We also produced a Best Practices Field Guide, program support tools/checklists and online weatherization training. These updated program materials are located below.

The Benefits of Residential Weatherization

Thermal image showing heat loss from a typical home

Insulation and efficient windows improve the overall thermal resistance of the home, reducing waste and keeping occupants comfortable. Air sealing helps keep conditioned air inside the home and ensures that fresh air enters through intentional sources and not through unintentional means like cracks in the foundation, leaky ducting, or gaps in building cavities.

Benefits of weatherization measures include:

  • Lower heating and cooling costs through reduced energy waste
  • Improved comfort by eliminating of drafts and cold spots
  • Improved air quality, reduction of unwanted allergen or pollutants
  • Durable, lasting improvements to the home

Visit the Department of Energy website to learn more about air sealing, insulation and windows and to access publications to share with contractors and customers.

Tools and Resources for Utilities

Man putting Insulation in attic of home

Please note: BPA does not provide incentives directly to homeowners. Please contact your local utility.

Tools and Resources for Contractors

The following resources were developed as weatherization contractor-facing materials:

  • BPA Best Practices Field Guide - this guide includes guidance for program managers and contractors above and beyond the Weatherization Program Requirements.
  • Weatherization Tools/Checklists: BPA is gathering input from utilities to develop checklists to support utility programs
  • Online Training modules


For more information please contact Courtney Dale, Residential Weatherization Support at


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