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Northwest Energy Market Assessment
​BPA is participating in the Northwest Power Pool’s Market Assessment and Coordination Committee (MC), a collaboration of 19 public and investor-owned utilities from across the NWPP footprint. It is considering the design for a within-hour energy market, called a security constrained economic dispatch (SCED), for a subset of NWPP balancing areas. 

BPA is launching a public process to consider its participation in the SCED design proposal being developed by the NWPP MC. A subset of the BAs in the NWPP footprint may choose to participate in the SCED, and each BA will make its own decision about whether to participate.


MC issues request for proposals for market operator
The MC reached a significant milestone on Oct. 31 by issuing a request for proposals, seeking bids from potential market operators for the proposed Security Constrained Economic Dispatch and associated functions. The RFP is a critical step that moves the effort forward as participants evaluate the measure. Pricing and other critical information they will gain through RFP responses will help significantly inform participants about the future of the initiative, which is targeted to go live in October 2017 pending participant approval.
The NWPP MC has been working together to explore improvements to reliability, efficiency and integrity of the region’s electric system. Their collective efforts during the past three years to refine analysis and market design enabled progress to date and issuance of the RFP.
“A lot of hard work went into getting this RFP on the street,” said Elliot Mainzer, BPA administrator and NWPP MC co-chair. “The results of this RFP will be a key input into our evaluation of the costs and benefits of a sub-hourly energy market within the region.”
For more information on the request for proposals and to view a presentation about the RFP, go to




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What type of solution is it?
​The NWPP MC is pursuing a security constrained economic dispatch (SCED) – a within-hour energy dispatch that is economically optimized every 5 minutes to serve load obligations with the least cost, available generation, within reliability constraints. The term SCED has been adopted, as opposed to energy imbalance market, because it conveys the reliability-centered nature of the tool and more appropriately depicts the full scope of the dispatch, rather than implying a narrow economic solution for serving only imbalance energy.
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