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‚ÄčI-5 Corridor Reinforcement
New interactive map of preferred alternative
Since BPA published the draft environmental impact statement (EIS) in 2012 and identified the preferred alternative, we have reviewed comments, met with landowners, listened to many concerns and completed more analysis. BPA has adjusted some tower and access road locations to reduce impacts along the preferred alternative. The final adjustments to the preferred alternative are shown on our interactive map dated June 2014.

The original interactive map (updated in November 2012), which included all four action alternatives and identified the preferred alternative, is still online and available for review and reference. You can compare the June 2014 map and the 2012 version to see changes that have been made in the locations of interest to you.
Current project schedule and activities
We now plan to release our final EIS in late 2015, followed by a record of decision in early 2016. This allows us time to incorporate the revised preferred alternative in the final EIS, update our analysis and respond to the comments we received on the draft EIS.

We continue to conduct surveys and studies to determine the potential impacts of the project. More information is available in our June 2014 Project Update.

The photo below shows archaeologists surrounded by large-leaf lupine (Lupinus polyphyllus) as they conduct a shovel test probe excavation to screen and sift sediment for cultural resource artifacts. Photo at top right shows western yellow wood sorrel (Oxalis suksdorfii) growing near the existing substation in Troutdale, Ore.

 News and Highlights

June 2014 project update
June 2014 interactive map
This map shows only final adjustments to the preferred alternative. This guide can help you use the new map.
November 2012 interactive map
This map shows all project route alternatives. This map does not reflect the latest design for the preferred alternative.

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