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I-5 Corridor Reinforcement
Current project schedule and activities
BPA expects to release our final EIS in late 2015, followed by a record of decision in 2016. We continue to conduct surveys and studies to determine the potential impacts of the project. More information is available in our April 2015 Project Update.

When the draft EIS was published in November 2012, BPA’s analysis, using the current forecasts for load growth at the time (up to 2 percent per year), estimated that by spring 2016 the existing transmission system’s capacity would likely be reached. Since then, forecasted load growth is lower and BPA is installing equipment upgrades at its existing Pearl Substation in Wilsonville, Ore. BPA’s latest studies include reduced load growth and the substation upgrades, and show that this line will be needed by spring 2021. BPA will continue to review the transmission conditions and project timing annually.
Non-wires measures may provide temporary relief
BPA has been exploring non-wires measures that may be necessary if the line cannot be completed by the time it is needed. In February, BPA entered into a contract for a two-year demonstration project that will begin in summer 2015. This project will test the effectiveness and reliability of demand response as a non-wires measure. Part of the demonstration project will be done in the geographic and system area where the I-5 project is designed to relieve congestion and increase reliability. More information is available on pages 2-3 of our April 2015 Project Update.

 News and Highlights

June 2014 project update
June 2014 interactive map
This map shows only final adjustments to the preferred alternative. This guide can help you use the new map.
November 2012 interactive map
This map shows all project route alternatives. This map does not reflect the latest design for the preferred alternative.

 Fact Sheets

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