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Energy Smart Reserve Power (ESRP)

Irrigation Pump on water Irrigation canal

Hydroelectric facilities, transmission substations, as well as some fish hatcheries and irrigation districts access power directly from the Federal Columbia River Power System (FCRPS). These facilities have station service or reserved power rather than being customers of a local utility. The ESRP program provides an incentive for increased energy efficiency for those locations.

BPA has set funds aside to provide incentives for efficiency projects that result in a net increase in the output of power from FCRPS sites to BPA's transmission grid. Initially, the incentives are offered through a solicitation to all eligible facilities that use station service or reserved power. The application process is competitive and is intended to obtain the greatest electric savings with the available incentive funds.

Applications may be submitted after the solicitation. All eligible unfunded applications from the solicitation and the later submissions will be ranked based on kWh savings, FCRPS water savings and the incentive requested. As funding becomes available it will be offered to the applicants based on this ranking.

Eligible projects include energy and water-saving measures such as efficient pumps, variable speed drives, canal lining, and more. To improve chances of selection, structure applications so that the incentive cost per saved kWh is as low as is practical.

While the major focus of this program is on irrigation districts, energy-saving projects at qualifying hydroelectric facilities, fish hatcheries and transmission substations are also eligible to apply for incentive funds.

ESRP 2015 Funding Cycle Timeline:

    July 25, 2014 - Incentive Applications Solicited

    August 25, 2014 - Incentive Applications Due to BPA*

    September 25, 2014  - Successful Applicants Notified

    October, 2014 - Agreements Developed and Signed

    *Applications may also be submitted after this date. These later submissions will be evaluated and if eligible will be ranked based on kWh savings, FCRPS water savings and incentive requested along with any unfunded applications submitted prior to this date. As funding becomes available, it will be applied to these projects based on their ranking.

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