Sponsored by Bonneville Power Administration

Increasing energy-efficiency goals, emerging technology and alternative energy sources are
changing the face of energy efficiency and demand management. As we become more innovative
in our approach, we develop new strategies — “Aha” moments. At each summit activity, participants are invited to share their “Aha” moment and earn a reward.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Opening Session


                                        Remarks & Q&A:  Steve Wright, BPA Administrator



Sustainable Energy in the Twenty-first Century: Mark Gabriel, R.W. Beck



Roundtable Discussions Concurrent sessions I


Hawthorne/Sellwood Rm.

 How to run successful energy efficiency programs with limited staff

How can outsourcing EE programs work for you?  When do turnkey programs make sense? What does a successful PTCS program look like? When do Trade Ally Networks deliver energy savings? Who has success stories?

Facilitator: Bob Kajfasz 


Ross Island/Morrison Rm.

Ramping up for
higher targets

Who sets targets?  Define equitable contribution.  What are drawbacks of using load to determine targets?  Will the economy change targets? Tell your ramping up efforts. Conservation assessment – why it’s critical to know where you are, to plan where you’re going. 

Facilitator: Dan Villalobos 


Broadway Rm.

Utility strategies,
planning and I-937

What has worked and what are lessons learned? Utilities working on I-937 are invited to share their experiences and plans.  

Facilitator: Doris Abravanel




PANEL DISCUSSIONS Concurrent sessions II

Hawthorne/Sellwood Rm.
Gathering valid data
for planning

What data sources are used for planning? What are the costs? Who has lessons to share from doing their Conservation Potential Assessment? Is a template available and useful?

Facilitator: Lauren Gage, BPA
- Eugene Rosolie, PNGC Power
- Tom Eckman, Northwest Power Planning Council (NWPPC)

Ross Island/Morrison Rm.
Transitions: bridging
between rate periods

How will the Energy Conservation Agreement help transitions? What utility strategies work to transition from one rate period to another? How have utilities handled transitions, and how do they plan to in the future? Q&A

Presenter: Mike Rose, BPA



Broadway Rm.
Smart Grid and
Demand Response

Current Demand Response activities in the northwest. Experienced utilities include Milton-Freewater (early starters) and Seattle City Light (using technology). Also, a Smart Grid Test Bed Project update.
Facilitator: Pam Sporborg, BPA
- David Hsu, Seattle City Light
- Mike Charlo, Milton-Freewater Power and Light
- Jason Salmi-Klotz, BPA

PANEL DISCUSSIONS - Concurrent sessions III

Hawthorne/Sellwood Rm.
Emerging technologies

How will the region identify and nurture promising technologies?
What is E3T? How can utilities participate in finding and evaluating new technologies? How does a utility introduce a new technology?

Ross Island/Morrison Rm.
New programs and initiatives

What’s ready for prime time? What’s the status of heat-pump water heaters? How can C&I lighting opportunities be identified and completed? What’s available to reach niche markets? What strategies have a successful track record? After CFLs, what? Will higher appliance standard impact programs?

Facilitator: Chris Aiken, Kootenai Electric Co-op, Inc.
- Ray Hartwell-BPA
- Sarah Moore-BPA


Broadway Rm.
Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR)

An opportunity for transmission and energy efficiency to team up! What is CVR and what are recent successes in the Northwest? Is CVR right for my utility? If so, how do I decide which approach to take? What must my utility have to do CVR? What's the next big thing coming in CVR?

Facilitator: Melissa Podeszwa, BPA
Presenter: Bob Fletcher, Snohomish PUD


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Sixth Power Plan: Tom Eckman, Manager Conservation Resources, Northwest Power and Conservation Council
PANEL DISCUSSIONS - Concurrent sessions IV

Hawthorne/Sellwood Rm.
Marketing strategies and residential segmentation research

What works, gets results and is cost effective? What is segmentation research and how have utilities used it? What innovative utility tactics drive results?

Facilitator: Carol Lindstrom, BPA
- Carol Lindstrom, BPA
- Laura McCrae, Snohomish PUD
- Steve Brown, Okanogan County PUD
- Van Ashton, City of Idaho Falls
- DuWayne Dunham, Clark Public Utilities

Ross Island/Morrison Rm.
How to present energy efficiency to win internal and board support

Do the math. How do you get enthusiastic buy-in for a robust energy efficiency program? Who has success stories that can be replicated?

Facilitator: Wes Thomas, McMinnville Water & Light
- Mary Smith, Snohomish PUD
- Kevin Smit, EES Consulting


Broadway Rm.
Building an energy
efficiency workforce/
NEET update

Focus on workforce development, strategic hiring and recruiting. Brief status report on the Northwest Energy Efficiency Taskforce (NEET).

Facilitator: Margaret Lewis, BPA
- John Morris, Fluid Market Strategies
- Tim Lammers, Columbia River, PUD
- Michael Wehling, Puget Sound Energy
- Darby Collins, BPA


Climate Solutions and Energy Efficiency for a New, Stronger Energy Economy: K. C. Golden,
Climate Solutions Policy Director