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New Measures & Changes to the Implementation Manual

BPA publishes the Conservation Rate Credit and Conservation Acquisition Agreements Implementation Manual (CRC & CAA) every six months, on October 1 and April 1. This Web page acts as an extension to the Implementation Manual, allowing BPA to communicate requirements for new measures that are available to utilities before publication of the next manual. At publication of the next manual, the following New Measures and/or Changes to Existing Measures will be incorporated into the published version of the manual and removed from this Web page.

New Measures

  • Residential Showerheads
    Effective Date: 6/1/2007.
    Date to be Printed in the Implementation Manual: 10/1/2007.
    Implementation Manual Language (Location: approx. Page 78):
    Residential Showerheads
    BPA will credit/reimburse the utility $12 per showerhead. The hot water in the house must be heated using an electric water heater. The utility must either show proof of customer request of the showerhead, or directly install the showerhead. Limit of two showerheads per residence. Showerhead must adhere to the requirements stated in the PTR. Showerheads installed before 6/1/2007 are not eligible for credit/reimbursement.
    Date Added to the PTR System: July 2007.
    PTR Delivery Mechanism Language:
    Replacement showerhead shall be pressure compensating with non-removable flow controller and have flow rate of 2.0 gpm or less as tested at 80 psi (552 kPa) in accordance with ANSI standard A112.18.1M.

Changes to Existing Measures

  • Residential Refrigerator Decommissioning
    Effective Date: 6/1/2007
    Date to be Updated in the Implementation Manual: 10/1/2007
    Implementation Manual Page Number: 78
    Revised Implementation Manual Language (in red and underlined):
    Residential Refrigerator and Freezer Decommissioning
    BPA will credit/reimburse $85 per decommissioned residential refrigerator or freezer unit. Decommissioning has a short measure life. Its expected high free-ridership is accounted for in the savings numbers.

    The existing refrigerator or freezer must be verified as functional, serving a home within the participating utility's service territory, and must have at least 14 cu. ft. capacity. Unit must be decommissioned and its components recycled.

    The ENERGY STAR Refrigerators measure (or ENERGY STAR Freezers, as appropriate) may be added to the Refrigerator and Freezer Decommissioning measure.
    PTR Reference Number: RAP00078
    Revised PTR Delivery Mechanism Language (in red and underlined):
    Dealer or Consumer Rebate. Existing refrigerator/freezer must be at least 14 cu.ft. in capacity and verified as functional. Unit must be decommissioned and its components.

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