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Energy Smart Grocer
 Energy Smart Grocer Program

Since the program began in 2007, EnergySmart Grocer, (ESG) has delivered over 17.5 aMW in more than 90 utility service territories. In an effort to continue the success of this program, BPA has contracted with PECI for the delivery of the BPA EnergySmart Grocer program for the 2012 and 2013 fiscal years.

The ESG program mechanics have changed somewhat and the sign-up process and funding is somewhat different under our Post-2011 policy. Please refer to the Energy Efficiency Implementation Manual for program details.

A simple ESG Sign-up Form has been created for authorized utility customers. Authorized personnel will simply email a completed form to their EER and COTR and wait for PECI approval.

Funding Options
Utilities will select one of three options to begin funding the program incentives: the BPA Turnkey option, a Utility Self-funded option, or combination of the two.

Program Tiers
To ensure program delivery funds are spent efficiently and effectively, the level of project development in a given utility's service territory will be commensurate with the investment of incentive dollars. To facilitate this, several tiers were designed, each offering a specific level of service. BPA is committed to working with all utilities to ensure that they are supported in capturing refrigeration savings, so services are designed to address all levels of program participation. BPA engineers will offer service to those programs with lower funding levels.

Program Scope
 In addition to core refrigeration measures, including lighting in refrigerated spaces, the customer may enhance the project scope through the following options:

  • Interior and exterior lighting in other areas if a refrigeration project is completed or pursued
  • New construction (only buildings equipped with refrigeration)
  • Existing building commissioning (only buildings equipped with refrigeration)
  • HAVAC (only buildings equipped with refrigeration)
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Energy Smart Grocer at 1.800.230.9420 or email:


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