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Energy Efficiency Commercia Plug Load
 Smart Power Strips

Smart Power Strips are a conservation measure aimed at reducing plug loads of electronic equipment in commercial office spaces. BPA provides reimbursement for load-sensing smart power strips - strips that work by detecting changes in current from a control device entering low power or turning off.

For example, a computer may be plugged into the strip as the control device. The power strip will sense when the computer enters sleep mode and shut off the other electronics plugged into the strip. The smart power strip is often used to reduce power draw from computer monitors, printers, task lights, and heaters when workspaces are unoccupied.

Smart power strips offer a great, low cost way for commercial customers to reduce plug load and save money without major capital investments.


Smart Power Strips
 Network Computer Power Management

Although most PCs and laptops have the ability to switch into low-power, energy savings mode during times of inactivity, only a small percentage actually make use of these settings. One approach to reducing energy use from networked PCs is to use third party software that implements a power management policy via the network.

BPA provides reimbursement for networked computer power management software that gives the IT administrator central control over the power management settings of networked workstations. Measure requirements (in the Implementation Manual) ensure that software can be enabled or disabled for software updates and that specific power management policies can be applied to network groups. Networked computer power management software provide an opportunity for commercial customers to save energy and money from their computing equipment without the need for investment in hardware or new equipment.

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