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Across North America, electric utilities are realizing that greater investment in energy efficiency helps to ensure a reliable, low cost supply of electricity for homes and businesses. BPA continues our leadership in this area by exploring opportunities to expand our current portfolio of energy efficiency measures.

BPA’s Emerging Technologies for Energy Efficiency (E3T) initiative is a collaborative effort. We work with experts to identify promising new technologies. Through research and demonstration, we select for those technologies with greatest potential benefits to the region. Finally, we present a short list of investment opportunities to BPA and our partners. These opportunities include providing quality assurance in Northwest markets, subsidies for purchase of energy-efficient equipment, and incentives for manufacturers to develop better products. Through these efforts, we hope to sustain and enrich economic and environmental value in the Pacific Northwest.


E3T staff apply a wide range of research methods to assess the case for investment in emerging technologies. Criteria are supplied by Energy Efficiency's Conservation Programs. These include technology risk, regional energy savings potential, and barriers to delivery of cost-effective programs. Where gaps exist in our knowledge, we may choose to fund research that advances our understanding in those areas.

Introduced in the April 1, 2012 Implementation Manual, Emerging Technology Field Test Projects will test promising new technologies at a small scale. Findings will inform larger scale research. BPA is creating the list of pre-approved technologies. Check here in coming months for details.

E3T project details and links to reports are located here.

Only a select few technologies will advance through the rigorous E3T Technology Selection Process to qualify for further assessment. E3T's vision also benefits from the National Energy Efficiency Technology Roadmap Portfolio. This Portfolio of residential, commercial, and industrial energy efficiency technology roadmaps details a shared research agenda involving BPA's Technology Innovation initiative and stakeholders throughout the Northwest and beyond.

Portfolio Appendix A provides more information about the roadmapping process, and Portfolio Appendix B identifies existing relevant research and development projects throughout the world.

For more on E3T's technology selection process, click here.
Bonneville Power Administration provides all funding and administration for the E3T initiative. However, this initiative draws from the tremendous expertise of a broad network of collaborators and research partners, which provide research, partnership and other program support.

These collaborative efforts are supported by social networking resources, such as and Conduit.

You can help by suggesting new emerging technologies for E3T to screen and assess for potential measure development in the Northwest. Here is a list of emerging technologies that are already under review by E3T. You may wish to look at the list to determine if your idea has been suggested already.

This form will instruct you to enter some basic information about your emerging technology of interest.

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