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Industrial Audit Guide and ASD Calculator

Industrial conservation is one of the most cost-effective energy resources available. The information below may give you ideas for how to make your business more competitive.

Industrial Audit Guidebook

Want a quick and easy way to identify opportunities to save energy, money, or both? Read on . . .

The purpose of the Industrial Audit Guidebook is to introduce the user, both technical and non-technical, to common opportunities that may be found in an industrial facility to reduce electrical energy consumption. It has not been developed as a sole reference to support the user in completing an analysis; but it has been developed to be an aid in the first and perhaps most critical step in performing an audit: touring the facility and quickly identifying energy savings opportunities. For the technical user, this guide can help determine where to focus efforts for a detailed energy audit. For the non-technical user, this guide will assist in developing a list of potential energy saving opportunities to refer to qualified personnel for additional study. This guide may also be used as a checklist when conducting a phone survey with a facility to determine whether or not a detailed energy audit is necessary.

Download the complete guidebook in PDF format by clicking on the link below. Industrial Audit Guide

ASD Calculator

Need an easy to use calculator for estimating energy savings for Adjustable Speed Drives? Read on . . .

The ASD calculator is a software program that provides the user with an easy to use tool for estimating the energy savings and simple payback for Adjustable Speed Drive (ASD) installations on fans and pumps.

Download a copy of this calculator by clicking on the link below. (Microsoft Excel 2000 required) ASD Calculators
For more information, contact:
Christopher B. Milan, PE, CEM
Mechanical & Civil Engineer
Bonneville Power Administration
Energy Efficiency Department
905 N.E. 11th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97232

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