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Energy Smart Industrial For industrial facilities

The ESI program works with industrial facility customers through their local public utility to deliver cost-effective energy efficiency in all industrial sectors. There are a wide variety of program options for industrial users of all sizes and budget levels. By participating you can save money and energy, and may increase productivity and profitability.

ESI program staff are experts in your industry. These professionals provide technical expertise and resources to assure projects meet your quality assurance standards and are completed as planned. Not only that, ESI program staff works with you to develop a customized solution that protects your production processes and privacy, provides minimal impact to your production process and delivers the highest ROI possible.

What are the primary benefits of the Energy Smart Industrial program?
  • Save energy and increase profitability with no degradation to your current industrial process.
  • Reimbursement incentives to buy down the cost of installing energy efficiency measures or performing energy efficiency O&M activities.
  • Solutions that can increase profits regardless of current energy budgets and production processes.
  • Specialists that understand privacy, security, production processes and other nuances of your industry.
  • Program staff that works with you to scope the project and provide a detailed plan that includes minimal production impact and estimated ROI. Plans can be turnkey with minimal resource impact for you.
  • Participation in the ESI program provides benefits beyond energy savings, including:
    • creating a more productive and comfortable work environment for employees
    • increasing productivity and reliability by replacing old equipment with new, energy-efficient models
    • promoting a "green" image for internal and external customers
    • improved product quality and reduced scrap/rework with new equipment
    • improved materials use, such as improved yields and reduced waste, with new equipment
    • possible qualification for federal, state and/or local tax credits
ESI Fact Sheet For Industrial Facilities (PDF, 195k)
Energy Smart Industrial FAQs (PDF, 178k)
ESI Program Delivery Manual (PDF, 792k)
BPA Implementation Manual
ESI Utility Participants (PDF, 106k)
TSP Consultant Pool

How does the program work?

  1. An industrial facility contacts their utility to ask for specific program details, and which program components may apply to them.
  2. There is a meeting between the industrial facility and a program representative (ESIP) to explain the details, and determine which program components the facility can take advantage of.
  3. As projects are completed, a TSP consultant will perform the measurement and verification process to verify savings.
  4. The utility pays the industrial facility an incentive check based on the savings.

Who qualifies for the program?
Any industrial firm with a utility serviced by BPA. The industrial sector typically includes food processing, manufacturing, high tech, metal processing, and pulp and paper firms. In particular, it includes fixed pieces of equipment, buildings or complexes used to produce goods in connection with, or as part of, any process or system. Also included are, water/wastewater systems, data centers and any storage, processing (transportation) or other activity involving farm products off-farm. Contact your utility to make sure you qualify.

For a list of utilities participating in the program, click here.

What are the various Energy Smart Industrial program components?
Visit the Energy Smart Industrial Program Overview or download ESI Fact Sheet (PDF, 62k)

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