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Industrial sector and the Sixth Power Plan

The BPA industrial sector team is working with program partners to better serve BPA customers with industrial load. The team will consider incorporating new industrial components and services to the program. Small industrial, municipal water systems, data centers, energy management, trade ally network collaboration and operations and maintenance are all being discussed with regional stakeholders and utilities.

Distribution System Efficiency Improvements (DSEI)/Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR)

In the fall of 2009, BPA will launch a formal and comprehensive Distribution Efficiency program to strengthen the long standing option for utilities to submit custom project proposals to BPA for distribution system improvements. BPA Energy Efficiency and Transmission are facilitating the formation of a technical work group. The work group's initial goal will be to draft a work plan that will enable an efficient method of providing peer review comments for DSEI Program components.

Utilities are strongly encouraged to send technical and management staff to the Distribution Efficiency and Education and Training workshops (seven in the region), in order to be prepared to submit projects for reimbursement. BPA is currently evaluating the need to adjust associated timelines for distribution measures.

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