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The Bonneville Power Administration (Bonneville) implemented a program to conserve energy from residential electric water heaters in 1990. This program included both measures to increase the efficiency of electric water heaters and measures to reduce the use of hot water by consumers. Bonneville contracted with the Pacific Northwest Laboratory (PNL) to conduct a field study in advance of the planned program evaluations to determine field conditions associated with the installation and associated savings for energy efficient low-flow showerheads.

This report presents the results of the showerhead installation, pre-and post-installation flow data, and key site, occupant, and opinion data collected for Bonneville by the Pacific Northwest Laboratory (PNL). This data, along with pre- and post-retrofit electrical water heating data from other PNL studies, will be used to analyze the effects of the low-flow showerhead installations on water heater electricity consumption.

The information presented in this report includes data from the showerhead installation field study and data from a 1991 survey of 154 homes participating in Bonneville's Regional End-Use Metering Program (REMP). Results are also given for a follow-up telephone survey of project participants performed in 1992, approximately six months after the showerhead installations, as part of the showerhead field study.

Sites for the 1991-92 showerhead installation field study were chosen from a group of approximately 150 homes that were still participating in the REMP metering study. One hundred and five of the REMP sites with 170 showers were visited. Of the 170 showers at sites for which complete REMP data were available, 20 showerheads were not replaced due to a variety of technical and market related barriers. New showerheads were installed in 149 showers at 98 of these sites. Data was incomplete or unusable at some of these sites so, in some cases, results are based on the 140 showers at 91 of these sites for which complete data was collected.

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