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Energy Star Appliances


Updates and News

ENERGY STAR appliances have been a successful program offer for many BPA utility customers and are expected to continue. However, as ENERGY STAR specifications increase and rebate amounts decrease, it's time to find ways to reduce costs of program delivery while still maintaining a compelling program. BPA has been partnering with Northwest utilities over the past year to explore some promising new design options.

The Benefits of Energy Efficient Appliances

ENERGY STAR ® Appliances like clothes washers, refrigerators and freezers use less energy and water than standard appliances. Although they cost a little more at purchase, these up-front costs are made up with savings on the consumer's utility bill in just a few years. They also come with great additional benefits. Energy Star front loading clothes washers spin clothes so completely they dry in 'no time' in the dryer or on the clothes line. Energy Star Refrigerators come with climate and moisture balancing features to keep food fresh and tasty longer.

Refrigerator and Freezer Recycling programs work by encouraging homeowners to "let go" of that second (or third) refrigerator or freezer in the garage or basement. Refrigerators made before 1993 can use two to three times as much electricity as a new refrigerator and if that fridge in the garage is just used for beer, that's a lot of wasted energy.

How BPA Supports Efficient Appliances

BPA supports utility-run appliance offers in the following ways:

  • Track upcoming changes in Energy Star Appliance specifications
  • Maintain Total Resource Cost effective (TRC) measures with BPA reimbursemen
  • Provide access to qualified products lists and regional marketing opportunities

BPA currently requires utilities to capture site and product information through an incentive form, proof of purchase, and verification that product meets the Energy Star specification. BPA is exploring new program models that might alleviate this level of customer documentation. BPA's work to develop a Retail Sales Allocation methodology is one possible resource to facilitate new program models. Details on the Retail Sales Allocation methodology can be found on Conduit.

Please note: BPA does not provide incentives directly to homeowners. Please contact your local utility.

Program Tools and Resources


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