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Utilities and recovery-funded projects

BPA encourages its public utility customers to work with Recovery Act funding recipients to claim qualifying energy savings.

Benefits to utilities in claiming Recovery Act energy savings:

  • The savings will contribute to the energy savings that BPA and public utilities must acquire to meet the targets in the Northwest Power and Conservation Council's Sixth Power Plan.
  • Washington State utilities subject to I-937 may be able to count the energy savings toward their I-937 targets.
  • By getting involved in local projects funded by the Recovery Act, utilities may be able to encourage adoption of additional energy efficiency measures.

Recovery project alerts
In February 2010, BPA began issuing e-mail alerts to inform public utilities of energy efficiency projects located in their service areas that are funded by the Recovery Act. View the list of projects for your utility or for the region as a whole.

How to claim the energy savings from a recovery project

  1. Contact the recovery funding recipient (e.g., local government agency or tribe).
  2. Identify the project (or measures) being funded.
  3. Determine whether the project could qualify and ensure that all applicable BPA requirements are met consistent with the Implementation Manual. Examples include:
    • Deemed measures: Obtain required documentation to support utility claims.
    • Custom projects: Obtain BPA approval of a custom project proposal before any equipment is ordered. The utility must be involved early in a custom project if energy savings are to be claimed. BPA must approve the completed project before energy savings are claimed.
  4. Decide whether to offer an incentive for the project.
    • The utility is not required to participate in the project or offer an incentive in order to claim energy savings as long as BPA program requirements are met.

  5. Report the project in the Energy Efficiency Central and claim the energy savings.

For further information contact your Energy Efficiency Representative.

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