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BPA offering $20,000 in science and energy education grants
BPA-offering-20000-in-science-and-energy-education-grants-2014.aspx … Grants help extend BPA’s education efforts by supporting teachers and nonprofits working …
March 18, 2014
BPA Regional Science Bowl High School Competition final results
BPA-Regional-Science-Bowl-High-School-Competition-final-results.aspx … More than 300 students from western and central Oregon and Washington competed to go to …
February 03, 2014
BPA Regional Science Bowl Middle School Competition final results
BPA-Regional-Science-Bowl-Middle-School-Competition-final-results-2014.aspx … More than 300 students from western and central Oregon and Washington competed …
January 28, 2014
BPA invests in energy literacy for students across Northwest
BPA-invests-in-energy-literacy-for-students-across-Northwest1.aspx … Report shows how a new education grants program is leveraging a small investment for …
November 01, 2013
BPA offers classroom presentations on science, engineering
BPA-offers-classroom-presentations-on-science-engineering.aspx … Presentations are available to schools throughout BPA’s service territory – from Billings …
October 23, 2013

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