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Building a smart grid the cooperative way
Building-a-smart-grid-the-cooperative-way.aspx … Flathead Electric Coop targets its peak time with new smart grid technologies. … Flathead is one of 11 electric …
August 15, 2014
Small Idaho town gets smarter with automation
Small-Idaho-town-gets-smarter-with-automation.aspx … Idaho Falls Power is testing out some hefty smart grid technologies including electric vehicles and a …
July 28, 2014
NWPPA showcases demand response in Port Angeles, upgrades at Dworshak Hatchery
NWPPA-showcases-demand-response-in-Port-Angeles-upgrades-at-Dworshak-Hatchery.aspx … Learn more about Port Angeles advancing demand response and how …
July 25, 2014
Tyke-tested, Energy Star approved: EE playhouse teaches kids to conserve
Tyke-tested-Energy-Star-approved-EE-playhouse-teaches-kids-to-conserve.aspx … According to some 4-year-olds who represent the Northwest ratepayers of tomorrow …
July 23, 2014
Cold-climate co-op heats up with smart grid
Cold-climate-co-op-heats-up-with-smart-grid.aspx … Lower Valley Energy improves its services by taking part in the nation’s largest test of new technologies. …
July 17, 2014

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