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National spotlight shines on BPA’s seismic, synchrophasor and management efforts
National-spotlight-shines-on-BPAs-seismic-synchrophasor-and-management-efforts.aspx … The new year has just begun and BPA’s work has already been showcased in …
January 23, 2014
Port Angeles, BPA launch new era of demand response
Port-Angeles-BPA-launch-new-era-of-demand-response.aspx … Demand response gains new ground in the Pacific Northwest. The city of Port Angeles and BPA are …
February 11, 2014
BPA and EPRI collaborate on next-generation substation automation project
BPA-and-EPRI-collaborate-on-next-generation-substation-automation-project.aspx … BPA recently hosted a special workshop for industry experts and vendors to …
December 19, 2013
Synchrophasor success lands BPA its first Platts Award
Synchrophasor-success-lands-BPA-its-first-Platts-Award.aspx … For installing the most sophisticated synchrophasor network in North America, BPA collected its …
December 17, 2013
BPA's ground-shaking research could better protect power transformers in quake
BPAs-ground-shaking-research-could-better-protect-power-transformers-in-quake.aspx … BPA is the first in North America to install new base isolation devices …
December 02, 2013

 Media Contacts

​BPA strives to respond to media requests in a timely and accurate fashion. Please feel free to contact one of our media spokespeople with any questions.

Michael Hansen
Phone: 503-230-4328
Cell: 503-522-3282

Doug Johnson
Phone: 503-230-5840
Cell: 503-713-7658
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