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Platform for a modern grid: customer engagement
Platform-for-a-modern-grid-customer-engagement.aspx … As the door opens for grid modernization, three utilities share their stories engaging the customer when …
December 19, 2014
Insulator damage endangers public, power reliability; ratepayers foot repair bill
Insulator-damage-endangers-public-power-reliability-ratepayers-foot-repair-bill.aspx … BPA is offering a reward for tips about multiple incidents of …
December 17, 2014
Annual report recognizes progress in 2014
Annual-report-recognizes-progress-in-2014.aspx … It’s often said that the financial performance of the Bonneville Power Administration reflects the water year …
December 15, 2014
PGE: Smart power in store for future
PGE-Smart-power-in-store-for-future.aspx … Getting smart about electricity has never been more exciting at the Salem Smart Power Facility - one of the most …
December 09, 2014
Richard Shaheen named Senior VP of Transmission
Richard-Shaheen-named-Senior-VP-of-Transmission.aspx … Richard Shaheen is the Bonneville Power Administration’s new senior vice president of Transmission …
December 03, 2014

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