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Consistent with the Bonneville Project Act (Public Law 75-329), the Pacific Northwest Electric Power Planning and Conservation Act (Public Law 96-501), and the Act of August 31, 1964, (Public Law 88-552), Pacific Northwest (PNW) customers may request to purchase available amounts of surplus firm energy and capacity prior to the sale of such power to out-of-region customers. In addition, consistent with the laws referenced above, PNW Public utilities may request to purchase available amounts of power prior to the sale of such power to PNW Investor Owned utilities (IOU) and PNW Direct Service Industries (DSI). Please contact your BPA representative when requesting to purchase for information on pricing and power availability.

If power is available, and terms and conditions are mutually agreed upon, BPA will meet customer requests in the following order: (1) PNW Public utilities, (2) PNW IOUs and PNW DSIs, and (3) Southwest Public utilities. Thereafter, if additional power is available, BPA may also meet requests for power from nonpreference customers.

When requesting preference power, please contact the BPA Trading desk at BPATrading@bpa.gov prior to the preschedule day, and a BPA Trader will respond to you on the preschedule day about power availability and pricing.

BPA will respond to counterparties in the following order:

  • NW Public utilities
  • NW IOUs' and DSIs'
  • SW Public utilities
  • All others


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