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Transmission Customer Forum

The Transmission Customer Forum provides opportunities for BPA Transmission Services' customers and staff to discuss transmission services issues and Business Practices. 

Transmission Customer Forum 41

Clarifying BPA Obligations Strategic Intent Paper
NWPP Members’ Market Assessment and Coordination Initiative
NAESB Update
Waiving Loss Return Obligations During Oversupply Conditions

Network Open Season (NOS) Project Updates:

I-5 Non-Wires Update
NOS Update
Intertie Transmission Service Studies
Rollover Reform for Redirects and Scheduling Across Multiple Transmission Systems (SAMTS)
Next Steps

Transmission Customer Forum Follow-up
Transmission Customer Forum 40
November 18, 2014
NWPP MC Initiative/Security Constrained Economic Dispatch
Generation Interconnection Reform Update (there are no materials for this presentation)
Dynamic Transfer Capability
Mutual Assistance Agreement (there are no materials for this presentation)
Transmission Customer Forum 39
May 6, 2014
Short-term ATC Automation
ATC Tools
DTC Program
Transmission Customer Forum 38
October 29, 2013

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