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Most of BPA’s workforce falls under the General Schedule (GS) pay scale, which compensates professional, administrative, and clerical occupations commonly referred to as “white collar” or “annual” jobs. This pay system is composed of 15 grades (GS-1 to GS-15). Each grade includes ten steps (Steps 1 to 10) for which employees advance based on satisfactory job performance and length of time served.

BPA’s senior management positions are comparable to senior corporate executives in the private sector and are compensated under the Senior Executive Schedule pay scale.

In addition, the Federal system provides for income adjustments that are in addition to basic pay. This adjustment is commonly referred to as “locality pay” and is based upon the cost of living in large metropolitan centers that generally dictate higher compensation rates as a result of higher cost of living. Locality pay adjustments pertain to both pay schedules described above.

BPA’s annual employees typically receive a general Federal civilian salary increase linked to the employment cost index, which is a measure of changes in labor markets, that is effective the first pay period in January of each year.

BPA’s trade and labor jobs commonly referred to as “blue collar” or “hourly” jobs, such as electrician, lineman, carpenter, are paid hourly rates that are negotiated between BPA management and labor representatives.

As a BPA employee, you will be paid on a bi-weekly basis with 26 pay periods per year. You will be paid through direct deposit and may have automatic payroll deductions to two financial institutions.

Please visit The Office of Personnel Management website for updated information regarding salary and benefits