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Transportation and Parking

​BPA has a variety of commuter transportation options available to employees:

  • Bicycle Commuter Programs
  • Public Transit Programs (Tri-Met and C-Tran)
  • Parking Programs (Vanpools, Carpools, Open Parking, Special Needs Parking and Offsite Parking)
Other transportation options also are available to employees during the day:
  • Bike Loaner Program
  • Emergency Ride Home
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicles (For official use only)
​Bicycle Programs
Bicycle Commuter Program

BPA’s Transportation Services takes an active approach to encourage biking as a sustainable form of commuting, and provides riding incentives to motivate employees to stay healthy and active.
BPA’s Bicycle Commuter Program provides bicycle commuters with facility amenities and reimbursement incentives that bolster BPA’s sustainability efforts. BPA has also partnered with other agencies with like interests to provide further tools and resources for bike commuters.

In the Portland area, BPA joins with Go Lloyd (formerly Lloyd Transportation Management Association), the City of Portland Bicycle Program and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) to provide materials, information and numerous resources. Collectively, they also promote and sponsor events such as the Bike More Challenge, summer Breakfasts for Bicyclists, the Bike Commute Challenge and alternative transportation fairs.
Participants in the Bicyle Commuter Program, can access:
  • Facility parking, lockers and gear room amenities and locations 
  • Assigned or day-use access to the 905 Building Fitness Center, lockers and gear room 
  • Annual bicycle reimbursements  
  • BPA Bike Loaner Program
  • Emergency Ride Home Program
Bike Loaner Program

Go Lloyd has provided BPA Headquarters with 3 loaner bicycles (for unofficial activities): 1 men's bicycle, 1 women's bicycle and 1 folding bicycle. The bikes can be used for unofficial activities and are available to reserve during the day through the BPA Bike Loaner Program.
​External Transit Programs (Tri-Met & C-Tran)

BPA encourages alternative transportation in the best interest of the environment and local traffic conditions. In Portland, Tri-met and BPA’s Transportation Services partner to provide employees with the benefit of an annual subsidized Transit Incentive pass. Qualified BPA employees are encouraged to participate in this program.

The following links provide additional resource information about local transit programs in the Portland and Vancouver area.

Parking Programs
BPA offers parking programs to Headquarters and Van Mall employees in three programs: Carpool parking, Open parking, and Disabled Parking. BPA employees may participate in only one parking program at a time.


Because carpools contribute to reduced traffic congestion and improved air quality, qualified carpools are afforded priority space in the Headquarters parking garage and allotted parking in the covered parking garage at Van Mall. Carpools may be formed at any time during the year and are recertified annually. A qualified carpool must consist of one full-time BPA employee, and one other federal employee who commutes at least four days a week, and works within a five- mile radius of BPA. The primary BPA contact is responsible for completing the online carpool parking registration.

  • Carpool vehicles may be no larger than 6 ft., 10 in. tall and 19 ft. long.
  • Carpool vehicles may park in any HQ basement open unmarked numbered spaces.
  • Van Mall carpools can register and park in the covered parking garage.

​Open Parking

BPA provides parking for duty stationed HQ employees in an open parking program, within limits defined by negotiated union agreements, availability of parking spaces and budget constraints. Open parking spaces located both in the HQ basement and in an off-site lot, are available to permanent and career status employees working in the Headquarters Complex. Employees may register online any time to participate in the HQ Open Parking program, depending on the availability of space.

  • Parking assignments are allocated annually, with the registration period typically occurring in October and new assignments beginning in January. Subject to space availability, participants may be rotated annually between the Headquarters basement and the off-site lot, according to their last basement assignment. New participants in the Open Parking program are placed at the bottom of the off-site list. 
  • Eligibility for Parking: Parking space allocations are available to full-time BPA federal or part-time employees who work a minimum of 32 hours per week. When space is available, students participating in the Pathway Students (previously SCEP, Student Career Experience Program) may also participate in the program.

​Parking For Disabled/Special Needs Personnel

Dedicated parking in the Portland Headquarters Building is available for federal and contractor employees with disabilities. The parking is provided with consideration for mobility limitations, vehicle size and requirements and access to electricity for those using wheelchairs or carts. Fees assessed for the space are consistent with BPA's Open Parking Program.

Eligibility: In Portland, an employee with a permanent disability is eligible for a disability parking space. All space assignments are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  • Employees not already enrolled in the parking program, who have temporary disabilities for the duration of less than 30 days (one month), will be assessed a parking fee.
  • Employees with a doctor's note or state placard exceeding a 30-day duration, will be assessed a standard parking fee at the beginning of the assignment.
  • Disability Parking - Permanent: Employees with a long-term disability that severely limits mobility may request permission to park in the HQ garage and may be assigned a specific parking space.

Access to Offsite Parking in Portland

  • BPA currently leases space at the DoubleTree Hotel parking garage for Open Parking participants not accommodated in the HQ basement. The garage entrance is located mid-block, between NE 9th and NE 11th Avenues, and between NE Holladay and NE Multnomah Streets.
  • Card Keys: Parking in the DoubleTree lot requires a card key for both entering and exiting the garage.
  • Drivers assigned to the DoubleTree garage are responsible for acquiring the card key. The card is acquired from the Transportation Office in the HQ B115.

Motorized Cycles and Scooters Parking

  • ​Areas have been designated for parking motorized cycles approved for street use. Motorized cycles may not be left in the garage overnight.

You can sign up for any of these programs on your first day at New Employee Orientation.

Visitor Parking -- Headquarters

​On-site Visitor Parking: In accordance with federal security procedures, BPA does not provide on-site parking for non-government employees.

On-site visitor parking services are available to:

  • Any visitor with a valid federal badge. Visitors must comply with security access requirements (including prior notice in accordance with BPA F 5632.11e, BPA Visitor(s) Request and Attendance Meeting Log).
  • BPA employees and contractors with valid BPA badges whose official duty station is outside the Portland HQ Building.
  • Visitors entering the 905 Building garage stop at the guard post and present their federal or BPA identification badges. The driver proceeds down the ramp and turns left past the loading dock areas into the BPA Motor Pool area. The parking attendant checks in the vehicle and collects contact information from the driver. The attendant provides a valet ticket to be presented when the vehicle is reclaimed. The attendant collects the vehicle key and parks the vehicle.
​Emergency Ride Home
​Where available, Emergency Ride Home services are offered to BPA federal employees who are regular commuters using public transportation, carpool, vanpool, or who walk or bicycle to the workplace.
​Alternative Fuel Vehicles
​Many of BPA’s fleet vehicles are equipped for E-85 fuel, which is a bio-fuel made primarily from corn or other biomass (85 percent ethanol and 15 percent unleaded). Employees can use these vehicles during work for official travel only.