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Voltage Control Technical Conference 
August 23, 2011
On August 23, 2011, BPA scheduled a Voltage Control Technical Conference.  Experts in generation control systems, wind turbine manufacturers, wind generation operators, and bulk grid Operators were all invited to present in the conference.  Please find below their presentations.

Wind generation on the BPA grid and in the NW is reaching levels that have not been experienced before. We may have 6,000 MW on the BPA grid and more than 7,000 MW in the NW by 2013. At these levels, wind generation could become more than 60-80% of the load at certain times. Voltage control and reactive support for the wind fleet will need to provide the same level of reliability as the traditional resources, especially at these times. We also need to have systems in place to recover from system disturbances, including frequency recovery.

The purpose of this technical conference was to open a discussion on best practices with grid operators, wind generation operators, and turbine manufacturers and to identify prospects for solutions in advance of problems. BPA presented some experiences and concerns. Presentations from other grid operators, wind project operators and the turbine manufacturers were given to gain their perspectives as well. Utility and industry perspectives on active power control of wind generation following system-wide disturbances were also included as part of the growing need to consider impacts of a high wind generation on the grid.

BPA also discussed the WECC Synchrophasor program and how it could help parties understand the performance of generation resources for system disturbances and enhance operation of the bulk grid when variable generation resources are a large portion of total generation.