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How to Pay BPA
​The following information is provided to assist you with BPA payment options. Please contact Esteban Acosta at (503) 230-3574 if you have questions about any of the payment options listed below or need special approval to make a payment by check.
Electronic Payments

​ Make Payment Now
​Pay via BPA Website ( This is a free, quick and convenient way to pay BPA using your credit card (use VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or Diners for payments under $10,000) or from your checking account (for any amount). Use this method for the purchase of goods or services and payment of fees, fines, or debts.

Direct Debit Payment Plan
Direct Debit Payment Plan is an electronic payment option normally used for recurring payments whereby BPA is authorized by you to automatically withdraw your payment from your bank account. There is no cost for using this payment method; however you must enroll in the program to participate. The electronic brochure includes a description of the service and an application.
ACH Credits
Automated Clearing House is a funds transfer system which provides for the interbank clearing of electronic entries for participating financial institutions. Payments must be submitted no later than the day before payment is due since ACH is processed overnight. BPA can verify an ACH credit payment has been received the day after the payment is made. Please see your BPA Account Executive or Esteban Acosta for specific instructions on this process.
​Wire Transfers
A wire transfer is an electronic transfer of funds via the United States Treasury's Fedwire Deposit system. It is a computer-to-computer link between Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. There is a charge to the payer associated with each transaction. Please see your BPA Account Executive or Esteban Acosta for specific instructions on this process ..
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