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Who do I contact with a question?                                                                             
What is the PTCS Online Site Registry?                                                                    

​It is an online tool that tracks all completed PTCS and Prescriptive Duct Sealing and PTCS Heat Pump jobs. It can be found here:

  • New technicians to the program must create an account to become certified
  • Technicians are required to enter all completed work, if possible, into this registry
  • Utilities have access to all completed work in their territory
  • Quality assurance inspections are entered here and tracked

When a completed job is entered, it is the responsibility of the technician or their company to notify the utility that it has been completed and entered.

How to Enter & Search for Jobs

Utilities: Guide for Determining Correct Air Source Heat Pump Reference Numbers

Measure Status Definitions                                                                                        

Each time a completed job is entered into the registry, it is assigned a status that reflects how it meets technical requirements. Status explanations are:

  • BPA Approved: These measures meet all of the program installation and Implementation Manual requirements, and can be claimed for payment by BPA utilities.
  • PTCS-Certified Only:
    • Heat Pumps: These measures were installed to PTCS Specifications for commissioning, controls, and sizing (CC&S), but did not meet the 9.0 HSPF/14 SEER efficiency requirements. The heat pump may be claimed for a CC&S payment, if the utility offers this measure.
    • PTCS Duct Sealing: Leakage reduction meets program requirements, but the pre-test leakage is too low
  • Record Only: This is only an option for PTCS Duct Sealing jobs. This status occurs when there was no sealing done. This also occurs when the pre-leakage was too low to qualify for sealing, but the post-leakage was too high to meet the tightness requirements. Only the post-test numbers be entered.
  • In Progress: When entering the job data, the user clicked "Save Progress" to complete it at a later date. To complete, sign in as Installing Technician, search for the measure, then select "Complete Job" next to the measure ID.
  • BPA Pending: This occurs when something in the job requires further review. The PTCS team reviews these on a bi-weekly basis. Please contact us if you require more immediate review. Note: Ground Source Heat Pumps will always be assigned "BPA Pending" status upon entry. BPA staff review these for eligibility bi-weekly.
  • Rejected: These measures did not meet the requirements of the program. 
Frequently Asked Questions                              

I need something edited. Help!
The PTCS team can edit submitted information for you without updating the measure ID. Contact them by email at or call 1.800.941.3867.

When I submit a job online, do I have to notify the utility that it is completed?
Yes. The technician and/or their company must notify the utility that a job is complete and entered into the site registry, and submit any required documentation.

What if there is more than one heat pump or duct sealing job at the home?
Call the PTCS team at 1-800-941-3867 or email at
How do I enter a job with a lot number?
On the initial “Site Address” screen, please enter the site’s lot number in the “Street Address 2” field.
What do I do if the address cannot be verified upon entry?
Please verify the address is correct and email the form(s) to
What do I do if a job I enter has a status of “Pending?”
Two Options:
  • Jobs in BPA territory: This team reviews jobs in a "Pending" status on a bi-weekly basis. Please call 1-800-941-3867 or email for more immediate review.
  • Jobs in Energy Trust territory (Pacific Power or PGE): Please call 1-866-365-3526 or email if you require more immediate review or have any questions.
What is the difference between a job ID and a measure ID?
No difference. These terms are referring to the same number, which is currently a 7-digit number.
What do I do if I have to re-enter a job or have to fix something that was already entered?
·       Jobs in BPA territory: Please call 1-800-941-3867 or email, if you require more immediate review or if you have any questions.
·       Jobs in Energy Trust territory (Pacific Power or PGE): Please call 1-866-365-3526 or email
Please reference Frequently Asked Questions or contact the PTCS team with any other questions not addressed here.
Questions? Contact Us!                                                                                             

​For more information, please contact the program team by email at, or call the program hotline toll free at 1-800-941-3867.

Energy Trust customers are not served by BPA. Please call 1-866-356-3526 or email

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