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Bonneville Power Administration’s emerging technologies [ET] program focuses on opportunities with the greatest potential return on investment for our customers. Our ET program conducts research and demonstration projects to understand readiness, availability, energy efficiency, and other factors of success in regional conservation programs. We rely on a wide range of methods, including survey, laboratory testing, field monitoring, product demonstration, market study, and other strategic planning techniques.

Space Conditioning
​Water Heating
Energy Management Systems
Residential Buildings
Smart Water Heater (ANSI/CTA-2045) ​​Active
​Behavior Based Energy Efficiency ​​Active
Commercial Buildings
Advanced Power Strips ​​​
Strategic Energy Management ​​Active
​Data Centers
Data Center Infrastructure Management
Server-room Air Flow Management
Motors and Drives
Industrial Process​
Circulator Pumps  Active
Engineering Tools
​Grid Facing Utility Distribution
​Additional Reports