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Asset Management
​The Asset Management site includes information related to BPA's capital investment program, in particular,   status reports for major capital projects, a list of projects anticipated to be submitted for approval, project synopses, and policies that govern BPA’s asset management practices.

Major Capital Project Status Report
The Major Capital Project Status report is provided on a quarterly basis, with the opportunity for external discussion and review at the Quarterly Business Review. The report focuses on the status of major capital projects with respect to cost, schedule and scope/capability targets that are established when projects are approved.

Capital Projects Anticipated to be Submitted for Approval

The Capital Projects Anticipated to be Submitted for Approval report is updated on a periodic basis. The report lists the major capital projects that are expected to be submitted for agency approval over the next several months. The report includes a brief description of the projects along with cost estimates where available.

Major Project Synopses

The Project Synopses are made available on this site when the projects are approved. The synopses provide a brief description of each major project, including the background of the issue being addressed, the objectives of the project and other key project information.
Other Information
This area include policies and other documents related to BPA's asset management practices.
Capital Investment Program Policies

Capital Investment Prioritization

Frequency of Posting: Monthly
POC: Dennis Naef
File format: PDF